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Mermaid Empire is all about acceptance, embracing, encouraging each other, free of judgement and having lots of fun in the process and raising donations for local charities - this is the "AID" part or "MermAID"

Hi, I'm Tania the owner of Mermaid Empire. As a little girl, I didn’t care about religious beliefs, the colour of my neighbours skin, my weight or if my clothes suited my body shape! I just wanted to be a mermaid and play dress ups with the little girl next door, together we would laugh, dance and giggle - lost in our fantasy world of mermaids and princesses. We were simply having FUN!"
"When we started, I have had the honour of taking pics of woman dressed in mermaid tails. They were amazed at how great they looked and felt dressed in a tail, and found themselves giggling like little girls (till “nearly” tears ran down their legs). At no stage did I witness any negative words about how they looked in the Mermaid tails, they were ‘in that moment’, of being girls again!
Together with both my husband Damien and both of our trades we custom created, designed and manufacture our own Mermaid tails on our premises"

"If we can bring a little joy into your heart with this experience and raise money for local charities at the same time then Mermaid Empire has hit the mark and succeeded."

We offer mermaid photo packages for single to group shots taken at beach locations (if we have to travel outside our area then of course there is an extra fee) - please contact us.
Due to the interest Mermaid Empire is planning also to do Mermaid Photo Booths, this is a great way to share the love or simply an ice breaker at an event, fundraiser or private venue. Contact us.


Hi, I’m Kim the owner of Wave Photography. I’m a fully trained professional photographer. My studio WAVE is in the beautiful Moffat Beach on the Sunshine Coast.
I started taking photos back in 2002 at the age of 17, I was working at a lovely family portrait studio back in the UK (yes I’m a Pom). Within the next couple of years of hard work I was appointed Head Photographer and my love for capturing moments was born.
Over the next 8 years I followed my dreams and was lucky enough to have done lots of traveling and worked in the entertainment industry for companies such as Walt Disney.
In 2011 my husband Tom and I moved to Australia, started renovating our beach home and in 2016 our beautiful little boy Charlie arrived to completed our lives.
Knowing I would always return to my love of photography I was accepted into one of Australia’s leading photography colleges and after over two years of full time study I gained my professional qualifications.
I love all elements and areas of photography and feel truly blessed to love what I do for a living.
I pride myself on getting to know each person I photograph and build a lasting relationship. I know myself if you are relaxed and comfortable with your photographer it will show in the photos and you will have beautiful images that are unique and personal that you will treasure forever.
I love being creatively challenged so if you have any crazy ideas please do let me know!